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ScienceFarm is built at Keuruu, Finland
. Closed Karimo's school provides ScienceFarm with over 500 square meters of exhibition space and plenty of recreational areas around the buildings. ScienceFarm is a tourist attraction as well as a discussion forum for scientific challenges from past, present and future. The overall goal is to advance scientific upbringing and give better understanding of scientific methods. Everyone is welcome to participate to the ScienceFarm discussion at the Learning Space. 

ScienceFarm aims to provide unique new activities for families with children and to everyone interested in science. Basis for the activities are traditional science applications that allow visitors to experiment themselves and make their own breakthroughs with the phenomenon's. Visitors may explore exhibitions, practice science in lab corners and get familiar with the Finnish flora and fauna. Additionally ScienceFarm is active in the Internet.

On top of the normal operation ScienceFarm organizes special events. Sparsely populated countryside without city lights or traffic allows new kinds of activities to be arranged, star gazing evenings, northern light watching, midnight sun feasts and so forth.

Customers will be always provided enjoyable and thoughtful time at the ScienceFarm.

Examples of the Activities:

-        optical and psychological illusions,
-         exploring own reactions,
-         creating animations,
-         programming robots,
-         playing different games.

Examples of the Phenomenon's:

-        time and calendars,
-        energy production,
-        distance and measurements,
-        basic physics.

Examples of the Exhibitions:

-        history of personal computers,
-        changing exhibitions.

ScienceFarmShop operates at the ScienceFarm and worldwide in internet - with purpose to produce simple scientific experiments for the customers. Shop will open soon.